Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HAT 50k Goals

While I normally give a time goal or a goal that's something like "have fun" or "just finish" I'm going to totally go lame on you and just go with one goal. Finish. I know, I know, I use that one all the time. But I'm starting to seriously freak out about this race. Deep down I can feel the panic building and growing like an insane Chia Pet doing hits of Miracle Grow. I just want to finish this race. There are several cut-offs and I'm worried I'll miss one. Or worse yet, I'll miss the last one and get a DNF.

And I think that's my biggest worry. A DNF. It's like cancer. We all fear it as runners but we also know that people survive it, recover from it, and can even have several cases of it without losing their ability to run. So here's to fighting the good fight and doing my best to finish. That's all I really want to do. Everything beyond that is just gravy.

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