Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yesterday's Run - I'll run up on your ass

Did my best to go slow and enjoy the sites around me. Unfortunately I continually saw my big gut sticking out in front, my hairy pits on the sides, and towards the end I would smell my own funk. Outside of that, I managed to keep a good attitude and decent pace going.

Nothing terribly exciting on my run other than my DailyMile tag is still there and I had a lorry (no, I'm not British but the thing wasn't a truck or a car it wasn't even a mini-van - the damn thing can only be classified as a lorry) try to play chicken with me. I won and he swerved. But I was ready to do a ditch dive.

No snakes or other critters although I heard plenty of something skittering on the edge of the road the entire time. Oh, I forgot about the pintail duck I startled off the side of the road swimming in some nasty-ass water that doesn't drain.

And that was it. One more run on Thursday before my big race on Saturday. And while a 50k is like a Junior Varsity race for many in the ultra community, the HAT 50k is more like a JV race run by Seniors. I feel way out of my league but I'm going to push through and do my best. Guess this means I should write up some goals.

Temps were about 65F to 70F. Humidity was noticeable today, probably about 60%. Sun came out for the second half, before that mostly clouds.

Fluids and Fuel:
This was a pre-lunch run. Breakfast was oatmeal, toast, yogurt, and coffee. During the run I had a bottle of Hammer Fizz and a bottle of watered-down Hammer Fizz. Recovery was chocolate ZICO.

Aches and Pains:
Not really any to speak of. Felt some minor tweaks and twinges in my left shin but nothing too terrible.

I left the sunglasses at home. Don't know why, just didn't feel like wearing them. Wore my too-small Hammer visor but it didn't give me a headache today. Also ditched the iPod just so I could chill and enjoy the surroundings.

Codename - I'll run up on your ass
A turkey vulture was enjoying some roadkill as I came running down the road. He was reluctant to move until I got close to him. Once I was within 10 feet or so he scampered off to the shoulder until I passed.

Outbound - 30:33
Inbound - 29:55
Finish - 1:00:28


Lauren said...

Good luck on your 50k. I ALWAYS run way out of my league, it's kind of fun when it's OVER. Whatever I do, I always bite off way too much. I mean, you only live on this earth once, right? Why not ski the Black Diamond runs when I'm a mediocre skier, run the 50ks where there's a good chance I'm coming in last? WHY NOT?

I'm sure you'll do finnnnne. : ))

Neil Richard said...

Thanks, I hope I'll do fine too. And yes, I too bite off too much. My first 50k was a few short months after my first half marathon. I figured it wasn't that much longer. Thankfully I've learned a little bit since then. My biggest concern for this race are the hills. I think there's like 3,000 feet elevation change. Hills of 300+ feet are daunting when you can only train on 100 foot hills.