Friday, March 23, 2012

Yesterday's Run - The Naked Truth

I know what you're going to tell me. Just chill. But I can't. I'm in damn near panic mode about Saturday's race. I'm in such a panic, I started pulling crap out last night to pack, even though I'm not even close to being ready to pack. It's like I'm stuck on a treadmill. I keep running and running but I'm not getting anywhere.

So today's run was an attempt to keep the rust off my old, creaky axe handle and to put the shouts of panic into a quiet room. At least for a little bit. Thankfully it worked. Until I got home and into the shower and the panic came back. Talk about some pre-race jitters. Wow.

And how bad are those jitters? It's like I'm walking on broken glass.

Temps were about 70F to 75F but humidity was high, likely around 60% due to morning fog and early morning showers. The sun was out but wasn't that noticeable.

Fluids and Fuel:This was a pre-lunch run. Breakfast was yogurt, coffee, eggs, toast, and oatmeal. During the run I had a bottle watered-down Hammer Fizz. Recovery was a bottle of chocolate ZICO in the shower.

Aches and Pains:
The biggest pain I had was stepping on a pointy rock. It hurt enough to make me stutter step. Beyond that, things were fine.

Wore my iPod just to use the music to help drown out the voices of panic.

Codename - The Naked Truth
It's a vague reference to my next podcast episode's title. Check out my blog and catch up. If you dare.

Outbound - 11:00
Inbound - 10:22
Finish - 21:23

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Lauren said...

Great video. Don't freak out. You've already trained! I have my freak out in 3 weeks, and I keep telling myself to JUST ENJOY. I am nowhere where I wanted to be, the race is paid for, so I will endure, as will you! Seriously, have fun!!!!!!!!!