Saturday, March 10, 2012

Podcast - Mile 24 - Outside My Shell

Dear Lord am I a nut. A loon. A crazy, weird dude. Yah. You should know that already. So anyway, this podcast is extremely short as I didn't feel like talking in front of my family for fear they would ridicule me for talking into a voice recorder (and rightly so). So instead I just cut the episode short. I did pay a bit of an homage to Kim and her Running and Other Stuff podcast. I don't know why, but I like her podcast. I know, that didn't sound right but she does a great job.

The rest of this episode is just me briefly recounting the tale of my falls during my most recent race. Hope you enjoy. And try not to laugh too much.


Lauren said...

I listened. : ) I'm glad you didn't have any bad injuries. I am pretty much the queen of falls, yet I have been very fortunate. The best thing about falls is the story afterward. I love freaking out my non-running friends with my fall stories. They just can't imagine a 47 yr old lady eating dirt like I have! LOL. Congrats on your half.

TK42ONE said...

Thanks for listening! Can't wait to get some before/after photos from my dad. I'm afraid to see what I look like.