Wednesday, July 26, 2017

LOST With Elizabeth - Introduction

I've periodically blogged in the past about TV shows, usually roping in my kids or wacky inspiration to help make things interesting. Sometimes it works (I watch Knight Rider with William when he's sick), sometimes I run out of energy (Magnum Monday), and sometimes plans change (Three's Company Thursday).

Well, the newest idea is introducing my daughter Elizabeth to LOST. I have a hard time classifying it as the best TV show of all time but it's pretty darn entertaining and I knew if I could get her to make it past the first couple of episodes, she'd be hooked. She likes that kind of brain game stuff and always seems bent towards the supernatural. So watching it with her seemed like the best thing to do.

What I didn't plan on was turning it into a regular blog post idea. The questions at the end of each disc are great and just about perfect for a solid 20 minute discussion of the show and where she thinks it will go. I also didn't plan on how hard it would be to keep my mouth shut as she answers the questions.

Anyway, what I'm aiming for is a regular series of questions and answers. The disc will provide the questions and she will provide the answers. I'm also going back to each set of questions every time to re-visit all of them to see if she wants to change her mind on any of her answers.

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