Monday, October 21, 2013

MIA on the DRHT

Wow. Chilly this morning. Once I got going though, I was able to warm up a bit. And then when I stopped to swap memory cards on one of the trail cameras, I stopped for too long and got chilly again. But not to worry, I warmed up soon enough. Guess you know winter is coming when your stream generates a small steam cloud.

The run was full of excitement. Well, not really, but there were a few tipping points. The cold air helped keep my heart rate within the desired zone for a good 2 or 3 miles before I had to keep a close eye on it. Spooked about six turkeys. They took off through the trees and I swear they looked so clumsy I was waiting for one to fly headlong into a tree. Dropped my knife after I cut a briar but managed to find it on the way back. Was pretty pissed for a few miles. One of my trail cameras will likely need new batteries. Damn thing wouldn't work when I swapped the memory card. May need to move it to a sunnier spot.


My view this morning.

Temps were about 40F when I started and warmed to maybe 45F or 50F by the finish. Sun was out but was low in the sky when I started. Eventually rose high enough to be annoying. No humidity and no wind.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was half an iced coffee and a small cinnamon coffee bar. During the run I had just plain water. Recovery was an iced latte and oatmeal.

Aches and Pains:
Nothing really hurt. Dirt bike knocked some rocks loose which made some of the trail annoying but other than stepping on a few rocks, things were good.

Wore some new gaiters but I think I wore them backwards. Wore shorts and pants and a long sleeve shirt. Wore winter hat and gloves. Took my Nathan hydration pack.

Heart Rate:
Goal was 90 minutes in Zone 2 with a 3 minute push at the end. Managed to stay where I needed to be for most of the run. Ran out of Zone 2 a few times and even managed to catch myself before I even looked at the watch. Did a good 5 or 6 minute push at the end. Since I'm so stuck on running mile post to mile post, I stretched out the run a bit at the end.

Splits got jacked up since I forgot a few.
Finish - 1:33:37
MIN HR - 70
AVG HR - 139
MAX HR - 171

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