Friday, September 07, 2012

My ass hurts

I don't know what's up with my left quad but now the dull ache is creeping into my glute. Next thing you know I'll have a headache.

Anyway, enough about my ass. Here's some recent pics that I neglected to post.

The other night, I went for a night run. And got some lousy pictures. This is the best of them. Just wish the shots of the full moon had turned out.

And this is of the football game I went to a few hours before the night run. We had a huge crowd turn out to wish our team well and to say goodbye to the field. We'll be playing on a new one later this season.

And during my run the other day I saw a lot more mushrooms, including several with mold growing on them. Yes, it really is that humid here in the summer. But I didn't take a picture of them. Instead, I took a picture of the log cabin hidden in the woods.

And that's about it. For now. I hope to get back to running shortly. Then I can bore you with more of my drivel.

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