Friday, July 20, 2012


So today was yet another day where I just had no motivation. It seems to be a recurring, living, nightmare. But I did my best to redeem myself tonight when we took the kids to track practice. And in an effort to punish myself as much as possible,  I did fartleks on the track.

The bad news is that it sucked and I hats the track. The good news is that my splits were so damnable predictable, I didn't really need a watch.

Temps were about 90F or more and humidity was high. The sun was out but there were clouds too. Wind was nice and stiff but not bad enough to make you think it had a Viagra.

Fluids and Fuel:
Dinner was very light, just cheese, meat, and chips. During the run I had a bottle of ice water, a bottle of iced Hammer Fizz, and the rest of my mini-flask of Hammer Perpeteum. Recovery was a bottle of Hammer Recoverite mixed with chocolate ZICO.

Aches and Pains:
Nothing really hurt. Except maybe my pride when the kids beat me on a lap.

Nothing fancy.

Codename - Stick!
The kids practiced their relay methods while I tried to look handsome and fast running the turns. Guess who did better?

Lap 1 - 2:20
Lap 2 - 2:19
Lap 3 - 2:15
Lap 4 - 2:09
Lap 5 - 2:23
Lap 6 - 2:07
Lap 7 - 3:33
Lap 8 - 2:54
Lap 9 - 2:33
Lap 10 - 2:52
Lap 11 - 3:25
Lap 12 - 2:24
Lap 13 - 2:14
Lap 14 - 2:58
Lap 15 - 3:22
Lap 16 - 3:24
Finish - 43:09

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