Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Funky Funky Broadway

Yet another slog through the warm ovens of hell. But this time my mood has improved a bit. I think it was the distance and time spent on my feet. Nothing at all about my actual time made me happy but the idea that I really can go out and do something longer than 3 miles made me happy. I was hurting, sure, but it made me happy to know that I still have a little spark of insanity in me.

Beyond the heat and humidity, there isn't much exciting about today's run. I managed to make it back in time to not miss work and I managed to actually stretch a bit after I ate. I know you're supposed to do it right away but I was too interested in a cold drink, a cold shower, and some clean clothes. Then I got hungry and opted to eat my lunch before stretching. But at least I stretched.

Temps were about 85F with high humidity. A bit cooler than yesterday though since there were more clouds out. It was cloudy enough to block out most of the sun. There was also a nice breeze blowing periodically, maybe 10 mph.

Fluids and Fuel:
Yet another pre-lunch run. Breakfast was a burrito, yogurt, and iced coffee. I had a glass of water before my run. During the run I had my hydration pack filled with ice water, a bottle of Hammer Fizz, and half a flask of EFS. I finished most of the water and Fizz and took the EFS at the halfway point. Recovery was chocolate ZICO during my cold shower. That was followed by a salad with some veggie burgers on top. And a few Oreos.

Aches and Pains:
None really to speak of. The ball of my left foot was a bit tender after my shower but beyond that, everything feels fine.

I wore my Salomon hydration pack. It felt tighter than normal but it still hung in place when I undid the chest straps. I also took my phone to take some pictures. And my iPod to listen to a book. And my voice recorder to get another podcast episode on the books. Oh, and I wore my new North Face shorts and they worked just fine.

Codename - Funky Funky Broadway
Lately I feel like I've been stuck in a funk. Like I'm on Funky Funky Broadway and can't turn off.

Outbound - 51:40
Inbound - 56:54
Finish - 1:48:35

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