Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Triggers: Mine and William's

We'll start with William, since I'm sure more of you out there care about him more than me. Lately I've been noticing he's learning words and phrases and responding to them appropriately (or humorously). So here's his list with responses:

- Are you hungry? - And he goes to his high chair and tries to climb in. Sometimes he'll even get an applesauce on the way.
- Do you want a milk? - And he runs to the fridge and tries to open the door.
- (no word or phrase) - When Henry scratches to go out, he runs to the door and tries to help him outside.
- Are you ready for your bath? - And he runs to the bathroom and tries to climb into the tub.
- Do you have a dirty diaper? - And he runs to his room.
- time out - Even when he's not in trouble, he'll go and sit in time out sometimes.
- Henry - He does a little "woof woof woof" sound.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I remember right now. Moving on to my triggers, this is directly related to the sour state of the economy and my compulsive counting. How so? I recently scored a free subscription to Forbes (thanks to Yvonne's online survey addiction) and just got my first issue today. And was unpleasantly surprised by the overwhelming number of personal jets and expensive watches I saw advertised. Me thinks the economy is sour because some executives are making too much money.

Where does my compulsive counting come in? Simple. Here's a break-down of the adds in the December 2008 issue of Forbes Life:

- Watches - 12
- Resorts - 8
- Alcohol - 6
- Electronics - 6
- Clothing - 6
- Jets - 5
- Cars - 4
- Cigars - 2
- Food - 2

- Misc - 2 (a film festival and a sailing race)

Screw the economy, I'm thinking I need to become a corporate executive.

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1979 semi-finalist said...

It's good they've got so many jet ads, I've decided that's what I'll do with my unemployment when I get laid off like everyone else I know...buy a jet. Hey, a girl can dream.