Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thanksgiving on the brain

So I have a really depressing post that I'll sit on for the moment so I can talk about Thanksgiving. I started blogging in June of 2005 and had my first Thanksgiving related post a few months later. A year later, I talked about who I'd invite to Thanksgiving dinner.

And to continue with the major holiday theme, this year I'm bouncing some ideas around for themes. But I'm also looking for ideas from you, the reader.

In the meantime, I'll be going to lunch shortly. I skipped my walk yesterday since I felt slightly ill from my walk the day before. And since my nose and throat are getting scratchy again today, I think I'll be skipping my walk again. I thought about lifting some weights, but I think I'll try to make more headway on Meeting at Corvallis. I'd really like to finish it this week.

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Anonymous said...

Coming from someone like me, how about this idea for a themed post?

Who would you like to stuff "inside" a Turkey for Thanksgiving?

For my vote, hrmmmmmmm, probably myself for some of the stupid things I've done. I suppose I shall ponder that a bit more though.

~Epheros Aldor - Apostle of Cale