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Itty Bitty City Scavenger Hunt

Update - 6/27
1 Item in Question due to newly discovered details!
New Answer page added

The Free Lance-Star is running their Itty Bitty City Scavenger Hunt again this year. Since my wife and I had such a good time playing last year, I thought I'd make a page just for this year's hunt.


Update 6/27
Item 18 - The black corner believed to be located at 708 Caroline Street (Beck's Books) is now in question. While the detail of the molding and background had been stared at by us for many many minutes, it is now possibly located at the corners of Amelia and Caroline. Clearly at opposite ends of the Scavenger Hunt area. Why is it in question? Read on.

I snagged the original pictures from the FLS website when I started this whole thing. After finding everything, I wanted to organize the photos from FLS (the clues) and the photos I took into one nice spot to show all the answers and proof that the answers were correct.

So everything is going dandy until I open Picasa, my weapon of choice for creating fast and easy photo pages on my site. And to what to my wondering eyes do I see? The exact location to several of the clues written into the description section by the photographer. Here's an example of what I read:

"Deatil from the sign at The Picket Post at 602 Caroline St.------color3colsphotos and cd"

Clearly I was excited (and a bit disappointed I didn't find it earlier). But then comes the part related to Item 18 (the black corner we believe to be at Beck's Books).

"photos for itty-bitty city along Amelia and Caroline street(Mike Morones/The Free Lance-Star)------color3colsphotos and cd"

Now I think we might need to go back to double check the corner of Amelia and Caroline. I do feel very confident that the corner is located at Beck's Books (708 Caroline), but just to be sure, I need to check.

The results of the research will follow soon.

New Answer Page
And to see all the answers in one spot, go to the newly created page here.

Update 6/26
7 Items Found, 1 Location Clarified
Item 2 - The stars were found at 303 William Street (The Star Building portion of the Hyperion Espresso). We knew it was here, but had a hard time finding it until we crossed the street.
Item 6 - The yellow curve was found at 525 Caroline Street. It was another difficult item to find since it looks yellow and silver in the picture but is more of a brass or mustard color.
Item 8 - The Parking was at the Train Station on a column. It was an interior column, so you need to step off the sidewalk a bit to get close.
Item 10 - The 1/2 was at 103 and a half William Street (2 Paws Up Grooming). This was a bit sneaky since the again turned the photo and made you walk to nearly the end of the street to find it.
Item 15 - Rights was found on the "Seeking Civil Rights" sign in front of Crown Jewelers (200 William Street).
Item 18 - The black corner was at 708 Caroline Street (Beck's Books). After much searching, this was the only edge that matched this profile exactly. Which means there are two items at one location. After much disbelief, this is our final stance.
Item 19 - The Flowers were found at 528 Caroline Street on the top of a gate. Hard to see if you're not paying attention.
Item 20 - The red and white frame had two potention locations as reported earlier. After further review, we've confirmed it's location at 808 Caroline Street (Redfern). There was some speculation it was at Cards and Cones (201 Caroline Street), but we pored over the details and decided this was the answer.

Update 6/21
Clue 4 Added
Item 15 - Here's Clue number 4.

"This sign commemorates the site
of a battle between black and white."

This pretty much confirms my original thought that the sign was referencing the Civil Rights movement. But, it could also be a reference to the Civil War and the "battle between black and white." And until we find the sign, I doubt it has anythign to due with newspaper printing.

Update 6/20
4 Items Found!
Item 07 - The Civil War guy was found at 602 Caroline Street (The Picket Post). I knew I had seen this guy somewhere, I just couldn't remember.
Item 11 - The Books sign was located at 708 Caroline Street (Beck's Antiques and Books). Kind of an obvious one.
Item 12 - This corner was found at 1020 Caroline Street (Hugh Mercer Apothecary). Don't be confused by the picture, it's been rotated 90 degrees.
Item 20 - The red corner was found at 201 Caroline Street (Cards and Cones) and 808 Caroline Street (Redfern and Sons). This one can go either way from what I can tell. Without a hint, it's impossible (my best guess is the later).

Update 6/19
Clue 3
Item 02 - The third clue is out.

"Where some people go for a steaming cup,
You'll see stars if you look up."

Sounds to us like it's up the hill on WIlliam at the coffee shop. Won't know until we get back to town to hunt some more.

Update 6/7
Clue 2 in Color
Item 01 - The second clue has been released. Too bad we already know where it is!

"Look for the King where you shop for a queen,
who wants gold and diamonds and stuff in between."

Since we already know Elvis is residing at the second story of the Jewel Box, the clue doesn't help much.

Update 6/6
4 Items Found!
Item 04 - Concrete was found at 601 Caroline Street (the Executive Plaza). I pretty much figured this one out on my own, but had to stop just to make sure.
Item 09 - Fallout Shelter sign was located at 1001 Caroline Street (the Antique Court of Shoppes). Don't confuse this with the similar sign at 829 Caroline Street.
Item 13 - Black and White Corner I was found at 1016 Caroline Street (Fredericksburg Baptist Church). Could be any of their corners on the trim.
Item 14 - Spiked gate was found between 509 Caroline Street and 511 Caroline Street (it's an alleyway). There are plenty of gates in town, but this it the one.

Update - 6/5
5 Items Found!
Item 01 - Elvis was seen at 412 William Street (The Jewel Box). He was almost missed on the second story here. Fortunately some nice kids pointed him out when we were looking at another discovery.
Item 03 - Transom at 312 William Street (the Ellis House). There are actually two transoms at this location.
Item 05 - Christmas lights at 209 William Street (Hunan Chinese Restaurant). While we didn’t see other lights around town, these looked to be the obvious answer.
Item 16 - Bench at 415 William Street (The Flower Shop). Again, one of two benches at this location (it’s actually the one on the right, but either is good enough).
Item 17 - Large planters at 402 William Street (Kybecca of the Table). Yet again, there are actually two planters here.

Clue 1 in color
Item 12 - It appears FLS re-released the same clue as last Wednesday, just in color this time.

Update - 6/2
Here's the first clue (referencing Item 12):

"Look for me where people sought
healing from what he had in stock."

The "where people sought healing" brings to mind two places, Goolrick's Pharmacy (901 Caroline Street) and the Hugh Mercer Apothecary (1020 Caroline Street).

The "from what he had in stock" makes me think it's the Apothecary. Could it be this sign on the corner?

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