Monday, June 26, 2006

Driving to school is not a right

I would like to express my lack of faith in those School Board members "balking" at the proposed fee increase for student parking at the High School. Simple math tells us that of the 180 school days a year, $20 averages less than 12 cents a day. Almost as much as the increase in the price of milk. Is the School Board promoting students driving or drinking something healthy at school?

I would also like to specifically point out the serious flaw in Chairman Davis’ argument against the increased price of parking. He is quoted as saying “Why are our high school kids responsible for the maintenance, and striping, and anything else having to do with the parking lot?” and “Our elementary kids are not responsible for paying for maintenance of the parking lot.” The last time I was at an Elementary School, the students were not old enough to drive. Does Mr. Davis need to make a field trip back to second grade?

Finally, I would like to show my support for the increased price of parking. Students, parents, and the community should realize that driving to school is a privilege, not a right. It’s clear Dr. Brown, Mr. Satterwhite, and others see this. Why can’t the School Board?

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