Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dark Tide Onslaught Review

Dark Tide: Onslaught (New Jedi Order #2)
by Michael A. Stackpole

Review By: Neil Richard

Rating: 4 out of 5

As the reader begins this second New Jedi Order book, more and more is learned about the Vong. They are brutal and honorable. And they are just as in the dark about the Jedi as the Jeedai are about them.

The Vong continue to display their exclusive use of biological technology and weapons. The amphistaff acts as a bo, whip, and poison snake. They wear crab-like armor that is easily defeated with a lightsaber to the armpit yet can absorb hits from blasters and lightsabers. The Vong have the ability to quickly engineer an animals genetic makeup to fit their needs.

While their brutality is readily apparent now, we also begin to see their view of honor. They torture their prisoners yet see the abandonment of the slaves as wrong. The recovery of bodies is important yet the disturbing of graves is sacrilege. Quite a view askew on honor.

Stackpole returns to the new generation of Star Wars books with the same flair for space battles. With the Vong continuing their galactic invasion, the Jedi and New Republic are scrambling to find ways to fight them. The X-Wings and Star Destroyers work, but with limited capabilities. Stackpole brings out the great drama of fighter pilots and begins to develop one of the New Jedi Order’s break-out stars, Jaina Solo. Jaini earns her call sign “Sticks” because she has a flight stick in the cockpit and carries a lightsaber. And as Rogue Eleven, there’s another pair of sticks. In the end, “Stix” might have been more fitting, for she does bring a wave of death to many of the Vong.

In conclusion, this was another great addition to the series. The Vong are truly a new threat to the peace of the New Republic and many socio-political issues will be raised during their invasion.

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