Thursday, February 05, 2015

Is it really worth it?

Had one of those days today where I wonder if it's really worth the effort sometimes. Not the running part of training, I know that's worth it. I learned that the hard way when I undertrained for a race. Probably like all of my races.

Anyway, I got my run in before the shit hit the fan which I guess is good and bad. Running when I'm pissed off helps chill me out but it also sours my run a bit. In the end, it's outside of my control. Sort of.

The run was fairly uneventful. My son was sick today so I stayed home to keep an eye on him. I don't think he was all that sick but it's better safe than sorry and I'm sure the other parents at school appreciate the lack of germs being spread. So instead of being chained to my phone all day, I was chained to my desk. Got some work done, got my run in, got some more work done, and that's pretty much it.

Indoor temps were about 76F.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was three slices of toast, two eggs, three sausage links, and coffee. During the run I had some iced tea, plain water, and an applesauce. Recovery was leftover pasta with taco meat mixed in.

Aches and Pains:
None really. Chiropractor tore into my right IT/knee/quad this morning. Felt fine before and after the visit but during I really wanted to punch him in the face.

Time - 57:33
Distance - 2.8 miles
Incline - 3
Speed - 2.0 to 4.0 (AVG 3.0)
Elevation - 453 feet
Entertainment - Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space Nine.

Naughty Neil:
I had too much to eat for dinner but didn't over-indulge for my snack last night. Today I think I might eat too much for a snack after dinner. Depends on if I get drunk or not.

Today's Motivation:
I really wanted to run. I actually really want to run outside but I knew I wouldn't have time today so I knew it would be a treadmill run. But I wanted to run. Somehow, in the back of my mind, I could hear my coach telling me "you need to want to run, don't hate the run, the run should be fun."

Finish - 57:33

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