Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Planting

Yesterday was a great day outside and we spent most of it doing lots of fun stuff. Or at least we tried to make it fun. Our attempts at geocaching pretty much failed. Our first "treasure" turned out to have no toys for the kids to take, just a stamp, no ink, and a damp pad of paper. The second treasure couldn't be found and the third was easy to find. But it was wet inside and the toys weren't that appealing. The tiny clapper broke on the way home, the toy car was rusted, the dinosaur was slimy, and all the paper stuff was soaked. We cleaned it up as best as we could and left some stuff there.

The major work of the day took place in the garden. Very excited to have nearly all of our planting done for the year with only the peppers and tomatoes left to plant. So far we have spinach, onions, radishes, and marigolds in the ground. The spinach has three different planting dates and the first batch in the ground is already sprouting. The second batch is nearly sprouted but I'm just being as patient as possible. Out of the four foot by four foot planter, we have two square feet of organized spinach, one square foot of unorganized spinach, two square feet of radishes (one white and one red), two square feet of organized onion, one square foot of unorganized onion, and almost four square feet of marigolds.

We have everything mapped out on paper and have everything labeled in the ground. I may be the grand-son of a farmer but I am by no means a farmer. I fully expected everything to just sit in the ground and die so I was very surprised to see my spinach growing already. Totally unexpected.

Here's the two organized squares of onion. Three different types.

You can see my spinach growing on the far left and the radishes on the right.

Here are both organized squares of spinach. The left row in each square is from the first planting and is already growing.

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Lauren said...

Spinach is the best! My hubby also has so many different lettuces planted that e can pick a fresh salad every day. It's delicious. Have fun with your garden!