Thursday, March 28, 2013

Balls of Steel

Balls of Steel:
Things were a bit chilly out but I still enjoyed myself. Until I hit the rough head wind with a few cross wind gusts on the way back, I felt like I was flying. I can't imagine being able to run that fast. I mean, five minute miles? Holy hell!

Anyway, I felt great until I got back home, got off my bike, and realized my nuts were numb. No wonder Lance only has one, there is no way a guy can ride a bike that many miles and not do damage down there. Thankfully my shorts were padded because it kept me from feeling any pain when I sat down without adjusting myself. Note to self: don't get in the habit of riding a bike.

I was slightly more carefree during this ride than in the past. I usually get a little panicky when I hit downhills. Today was pretty much a "fuck it" attitude kind of day and I just cranked up the gears and went faster. Not that I was going that fast mind you. Gravel roads, knobby tires, and a fat ass can only go so fast. But I went with the gravity while I could and did my best not to struggle on the up hills. The good news is, at this distance I'm able to get a rough time on how long it will take me to make a trip to the local gas station for my iced latte. And maybe the ride will offset the latte. We'll see.


More beaver dam love.

The other side of the road (same creek as above).

Temps were about 40F. Winds were stiffer than my shocks at about 20mph. Sun came and went with a mostly cloudy sky.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was about as shitty as I could manage. Unhealthy burrito, unhealthy breakfast sandwich, apple fritter, and an iced latte. During the ride I had one bottle of plain water. Recovery was Hammer Recoverite mixed with ZICO coconut water and some iced coffee. I chased that with a couple of Oreos and Cool Whip. Yep, eating super healthy today.

Aches and Pains:
Aside from my testes and my ass, my knees and quads felt the ride the most. Different muscle groups were used and I could feel it. No real pain though.

My bike, my helmet, bike shorts, pants, thermal shirt, wind breaker, buff, and gloves. Also took my GoPro.

Who cares, I'll never be able to run this fast.
Finish - 44:54

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