Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Follow up on my 2011 Goals

As you can see from my original posting here, I had some pretty damn ambitious goals coming into 2011. I will make no such goals for this year. In fact, I have no goals for this year. At all. Yes, I do have races on my schedule and some waiting in the wings. If I run them, great. If not, I'll survive.

Why no goals for 2012? I don't know. I think I'm tired of them right now. I need to focus on running, family, reading, what I eat, and a few other things that are also important like work, family time, and not stressing out. I was stressed and pressured by my goals in 2011. Some of that pressure was good. Some wasn't. So no goal list for this year. I already know it'll be busy enough without trying to get everything checked off before December rolls around again.

So how did I do with my goals last year?

  • run 1 marathon - COMPLETE - Richmond Marathon in November.
  • run 2 half marathons - COMPLETE++ - DRHT Trail (Feb.), MCHH and Run for the Dream Half (both in May), and VA Runner Half (Dec.).
  • run 1 sprint triathlon - INCOMPLETE - I opted out of triathlons altogether.
  • run 1 50k ultra marathon - COMPLETE - DRHT 50k in August.
  • run 35 miles by my 35th birthday - INCOMPLETE - Totally bailed on the project and the idea.
  • raise money for the Friends of the DRHT (Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail) - INCOMPLETE - Again, totally bailed.
  • run on the DRHT (or any trail) once a week - PARTIAL - I'd say I kept to this about 80% of the time.
  • set a half marathon PR (2:35:06 set on 12/12/2010) - COMPLETE - VA Runner Half in December with a time of 2:19:03.
  • set a 50k PR (8:42:52 set on 8/8/2010) - COMPLETE - DRHT 50k in August with a time of 7:47:32.
  • lose 5 pounds (231 pounds on 12/22/2010) - ONGOING - I'm steady at 222 pounds but I peaked at 220 before Thanksgiving.

As for my other goals, I achieved all of them except for buying a road bike since I'm not doing triathlons and sticking with my cross-training plan. I did okay but it was just too easy to focus on running instead. And those 2012 goals I mentioned in the post? Scratch them all. I'm just going to do what the hell I want to do and not stress out about it.

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