Sunday, January 01, 2012

Today's Run - Unicorns?

Nothing terribly exciting about today's run other than the weather was super-nice out. Nicer than I expected. I swear I looked out the window this morning and saw frost but when I went to get the newspaper shortly after sunup, I was toasty warm, almost hot, in my winter coat and hat. It was then that I decided to go for a run today. Since I'm still on vacation and in recovery mode, I'm not pressuring myself into doing heavy miles. Don't get me wrong, I was looking forward to some double runs and some nice long trail runs over my vacation. But that was before I got sick.

So today's run was easy going, no rush, no pressure. I've done the route before and didn't really have much else going on so it didn't take a lot of thinking to make the run happen. I took my voice recorder to try to get a podcast in and we'll see how it sounds when I get more time.

Outside of that, the only thing that really stuck out on today's run was the serious plethora of beer cans at the end of the road. Within feet of a sign that says littering will bring a fine or a year in jail. How nice some people can be. Oh. And I swear I saw a unicorn. Seriously. Good thing Debbie B. wasn't there or she may have tried stealing the statue.

Temps were about 50F to 55F. Skies were clear. Winds were light going out but cooled things off a bit coming back.

Fluids and Fuel:
This was a lunch time run. Breakfast was yogurt and coffee. I took an e-Gel before I started the run and took a bottle of Hammer Fizz and soda flavored water. Recovery was a small bottle of Ensure, some iced coffee with a little Ensure in it, then some left over pork roast and Wheat Thins.

Nothing special or new along the way.

Aches and Pains:
It took a few minutes to get my stride into the swing of things, but I'm noticing that's pretty normal when I wear my Altras. I think it's the lack of cushion that alters things a bit (but not in a negative way).

Codename - Unicorns?
Yes, I swear I saw a unicorn. Maybe Michele S. can confirm my sighting? And to make things crazier, I swear there was some sort of floral altar around it. Maybe I shouldn't have had that second drink last night.

Outbound - 34:27
Inbound - 34:22
Finish - 1:08:49

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