Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today's Run - Morano Mountain

Today's run is brought to you by my sheer desire to run a new route. And to make use of some free time between doctor's appointments. Now, I could go on and on about how I got two hernia checks in one day but I'll reserve those gory details for my blog.

Meanwhile, after my first appointment this morning, I headed to the local YMCA to ditch my street clothes and head out for a run. It's not my normal Y so I wasn't exactly sure where things happen. Turns out as I was getting ready to head outside, I saw a group of runners (all ladies) getting ready to go on a group run. I asked how far they were going and they said they were doing speed work. Yuck. So I excused myself like a pretentious bitch and left to run by myself. I headed down a very scary road (Smith Station Road for you locals, specifically between the Ron Rosner YMCA and the large neighborhood with the waterfall). A short bit later, I was in a nice subdivision with sidewalks and slow traffic. Whee! I cruised around a bit here and there, tried not to stare in peoples back windows, and generally felt good. I felt slow but it felt good to get outside, even if it was raining and chilly. Once I started to run low on water, I headed back to the Y on the same scary road. Yikes. Rarely to I have to jump into a ditch but I ran a good 40% of this route (in both directions) either in the ditch of well off the road and onto the shoulder.

Anyway, the run was decent and it felt refreshing to do something positive between two doctor's visits. Not that the appointments were bad, they were good actually. But like I said, you'll have to run over to my blog in the near future to get the details.

Temps were about 34F. Sky was cloudy with no sun. Winds were light to none. Rain was light, enough to know it was there but not enough to soak you through.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was water and a yogurt. During the run I had one bottle of water. Nothing for recovery immediately after my run but I did have to souffles and an iced mocha from Panera after I showered.

I wore my North Face jacket and it did a good job keeping me warm and dry. Maybe a bit too warm but it was chilly out. I also used an old Drymax sock to keep my phone dry just in case the weather turned sour. Sadly, the sock worked better on my phone than on my foot.

Aches and Pains:
Not really any to speak of.

Codename - Moreno Mountain
As I ran outbound from the YMCA, I saw a CD on the ground. I snapped it up. Turns out it was cracked and scratched beyond use but it was Karina Moreno. Yeah. Never heard of her either. So I deposited the disc on the highest point of my run. Feel free to go find it!

Splits are from RunKeeper so are subject to some minor errors.
Mile 1 - 10:17
Mile 2 - 10:22
Mile 3 - 12:49 (includes a short walking break)
Mile 4 - 10:42
Finish - 46:24

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