Friday, January 06, 2012

Today's Run - Gambling Man

If you listen to @3nonjoggers, then you're familiar with the term "gambling." This means you'll get the gist of where this is going. If you don't listen to Russ, Carl, and Gary, then you need to.

I headed out for my run after working out with Stephanie. I try not to double-up on things like this but since I had a busy day ahead of me and knew I had some free time before my dentist appointment, I opted for a run. I was pooped from the start after working out for an hour but dealt with it. The weather was cold this morning but it was warming rapidly so I opted to wear a short-sleeve under a long sleeve with shorts. I misjudged the light wind and the chill it brought and damn near turned around to finish with just a wimpy mile. I had 6 miles on my plan but knew that wouldn't be possible due to my dentist appointment. I mean, it's bad enough they stick their fingers in my mouth, I'm sure they don't want to gag on my body odor after running 6 miles and skipping a shower. So I knew I'd only get in 3 miles but at least I'd have time to shower and shave.

So after convincing myself I could make it 3 miles instead of just 1, I headed across the road to run my usual route that I've neglected for some time. It felt like putting on an old pair of shoes that were slightly musty. They fit great but I didn't much like the smell. Turns out, I probably should have cut it to a 1 mile run. As I neared the furthest point, my gut decided to say HEY! WHAT'S UP FUCK FACE!!!! Just. My. Luck. I'm as far from the bathroom as I can get and I need one. Badly.

So I gambled. I didn't win. But I didn't lose. It was more like a draw. Somewhere around mile 2 or so I realized I really, REALLY should have gone to the bathroom before I left. But I focused on mind over splatter and dealt with the pain.

"Gamble gamble gamble. Win win win. These are nice socks. Don't use your glove. Just keep running." These are the thoughts running through my head faster than I could shuffle along in pain. Turns out I learned that you really can push your body beyond what you think is possible. It just hurts like hell.

In the end, I finished my 3 miles without losing. After I cooled down a bit, I did my push-ups and took a nice, long shower before going to the dentist.

One side note. As I took my shower, these signs were posted everywhere. Scumbag gym rat appears to be confusing "shower" with "shitter."

Temps were about 40F to 45F with a light breeze. Sun was out in full.

Fluids and Fuel:
One bottle of water and one bottle of Gatorade. I also took an e-Gel right before I started my run. Recovery was a bottle of chocolate Zico followed by a giant lunch of a salad, jalapeno poppers, and two mini-burgers. And an iced latte.

Nothing fancy today. Just my iPod shuffle (which I think I'll be naming Babe, but I'm still brewing on that one).

Aches and Pains:
My right calf hurt a bit as I ran. Felt like the outside portion, kind of like the ITB on your quad but on my calf instead.

Codename - Gambling Man
Like I said, if you don't listen to 3NJ, you need to. They're funny. Of the 10 or so podcasts I listen to, they have the best chemistry out there. Plus you'd understand the joke and it's deeper meanings.

Mile 1 - 10:42
Mile 2 - 11:08
Mile 3 - 11:19
Finish - 34:14

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