Saturday, December 15, 2018

40 Years Ago Today - Assorted 1978 Photos

Without any firm dates on these photos, it's hard to determine exactly when they were taken. But I'll do my best based on what details I do know.

The first set would appear to be mid or late 1978. The backs of the photos say "summer" or "fall" and based on the location, clothing, and who is in them, I'd have to agree. They all look like they were taken at the house in Maryland and since we didn't move there until March of 1978, that would line up with the labels on the photos. Additionally, one of the photos is labeled "Hollywood, Maryland" and appears to be from the same roll.

First, we have two photos of me inside. In one, I'm on the phone. In the second, I'm in the nude holding a toothbrush.

Then we have an outside shot of me standing in front of my Uncle Harold and my dad. The booklet is titled "Canon Lenses In A Nutshell." Based on the short sleeves, I would guess this is during the summer.

The next two photos appear to be in the fall as I'm wearing a winter hat and long sleeves. You can see the green van in the background as well as the rear of the house in Maryland.

The final photo is me helping my mom with the dishes in the kitchen.

We also have a scan of the floor plan design, "The Siddell," of the house on Flintlock Court in Maryland.


Gayle said...

The first photo of you, on the phone: you were talking to Grandma Dorothy. It's one of my all-time favorites.

The photo of you and Dad and Uncle Harold was taken in MD, where he lived when stationed up by Andrews somewhere. (forget where, exactly)

I don't remember ever seeing the one of you helping me do dishes. It made me cry. Thanks for sharing these precious memories.

Love, Mom

Neil Richard said...

Well I didn't mean to make you cry but I'm glad you enjoyed seeing them. I think Uncle Harold was stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland, which is between DC and Baltimore. I know I would visit them often up there based on all the photos I have.