Wednesday, October 31, 2018

40 Years Ago Today - 1978

I was remiss in reviewing additional documents and discovered I missed the entire medical journal my parents kept. It turned out to be a gold-mine of information. Aside from the usual information about ear infections and chest colds, it also shows my trip from Oxnard, California to Hollywood, Maryland. On March 12, 1978, I was seen by my regular doctor, Dr. Cho, in Oxnard. Then on March 15, 1978, I was seen by a doctor in Bountiful, Utah. On March 21, 1978, I saw a doctor in Chicago Heights, Illinois. By March 31, 1978, I was finally in Leonardtown, Maryland, seeing Dr. Bennett.

It was also my first serious injury. The family story goes that I was running in the house and hit the edge of a bookshelf. They had to put stitches in my left ear lobe. X-rays showed no major head injury and a few days later, they pulled the stitches out.

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