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LOST With Elizabeth - Season 1, Disc 6

Changes to previous answers are highlighted.

Disc 6 Questions

Is she there to help or does she have other intentions? [Danielle]

She is there to help herself get Alex back.

Will they find help? [the people on the raft]

Where is the black smoke coming from?

The island. It's like a volcano. Sort of.

Will Dr. Arzt's knowledge be helpful?

Yeah. He may not be but his knowledge will be.

Will dynamite open the hatch?
Sort of. It will create some impact and from there they will somehow be able to open the hatch.

Disc 5 Questions

How will Shannon handle Boone's death?
Not very well at first.

Who will help Locke open the hatch now?
Hurley. Jack. Danielle. Dr. Arzt. Kate.

Will the new raft make it off the island?

Will Jack find Locke...?

... And what will he do if he does? [Jack]
Locke will go through the Jack Treatment. It's hard to describe but Jack will ask him a question and Locke will try to answer and Jack will start yelling and I don't know after that.

What do these numbers mean? [4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42]
They mean something good has happened but in return something bad will happen or in their case several bad things.

Disc 4 Questions

Will the raft get them off the island?
It will get them off the island but they'll end up coming back like Gilligan's Island. The entire raft that was built [the first one] won't get them off the island, but the stuff that was left over will help.

Where did Ethan come from?
From the whisperers. Also known as the Others.

Why is Walt "special?"
It's when he's mad that bad stuff happens.

If he is not the real Sawyer ... who is? [shrimp stand guy in Australia]
It was the shrimp guy, he's just good at acting.

Where was Claire?
Ethan made some sort of concoction, like Locke made for Boone, and made Claire lose her memory. And he let her free hoping to get her back and to see what's going on in the camps. So Claire would be a spy but with no previous memory.

Disc 3 Questions

Why is the airplane so important to Kate?
Because it was her childhood sweetheart's. They dug it up in the time capsule.

Is Rose right about her husband?

Are they more than "just friends?" [Sayid and Shannon]

And what does her brother think of it? [Boone]
Well he doesn't really have a say anymore [he died].

Why was it so important for Claire to fly on Flight 815?
I think he [the psychic] can see what can happen to people. At least until they change their mind. Like Alice from Twilight.

Where is Claire?
The French woman and Ethan aren't working together but they know each other are on the island. Claire escaped Ethan but was captured by the French woman.

Disc 2 Questions

Who attacked Sayid?
Locke. John Locke.

A friendship or more? [Sun and Michael]
Just friends.

What will he find? [Sayid]
He found the French woman [Danielle].

Will the survivors ever find more food?

Who is the real Sawyer?
I think it was the shrimp guy but he was very good at acting.

Will life be better at the caves?
About the same but Charlie and Jack will be there [that's a good thing].

Disc 1 Questions

How did John end up in the wheel chair?
When you have surgery, you're supposed to stay and rest and if you don't something could go wrong. And because he got up and left he damaged something somehow, leaving him paralyzed.

What's wrong with Sun's marriage?
She wasn't really excited about getting married and didn't know how to break the news and isn't telling him everything and he doesn't like that.

Where did Locke learn to hunt?
More his father than the Boy Scouts.

Why was Jack in Australia?
Finding or trying to find his father.

What did Kate do?
She did rob the bank. She didn't take money but she took the plane. She had the key but it still counts as robbery because she forced the guy to open the box. She was also on the run before they dug up the time capsule so she did something else but I don't know what.

Where is the transmission coming from?
The Black Rock.

Will Charlie kick the habit?
Yes, he burned it.

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