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40 Years Ago Today - June 1977 - Part I

This is actually a bit of a deviation from my personal story as it's a letter to my grandmother Dorothy, but I wanted to include it because it had a wealth of family information in it. I thought by sharing it, it may allow other distant relatives find a familial link or fill in some empty spots on their family tree.

The letter is from Ruth who lived at 2205 E. Linden #29 in Caldwell, Idaho, 83605. It was sent to my grandmother, Dorothy Hollingsworth, who was living at 4001 Mockingbird Lane in Oxnard, California, 93030. Below is a transcript.

Thurs. P.M.

Dear Dorothy:

How I enjoyed your letter that came this A.M. I have certainly been thinking of the past!!! Ralph Jones was in your Mother's + my 8th grade picture!!! (I have it!) And Mrs. Kate (?) Jones (mother) was my Sun. school teacher for several years. And I certainly remember the sisters and the Butmans - Everyone would remember Jessie as she was very good and generous giving "readings" at any and all gatherings - I wish I had kept some of them - She was very good, too. Meeting the public where I was shy and kept in the background.

It is interesting that you should meet + get into conversation with Margaret -

Perhaps you have heard that I flew to So. Calif. with Bob the 13th of April. He was going down on College business. We went to Ontario where he picked up a rental car and we drove to Whittier. We called on Bob + Margaret and drove around town some, then he left me with my old (?) childhood chum and he went on to San Diego. Chris' niece lives in Corona del Mar + she came up to Whittier after me on Fri. A.M. and Bob stopped there that eve. on his way up to West Covina where my nephew (Howard Way, Jr.) lives. Bob had to go on to Las Vegas still on school business and I stayed in West Covina until Wed. A.M. when I flew up to L.V. to meet Bob for our trip home - (Are you still with me?) Dorothy Way + I drove up to San Bernardino

Del Rosa, etc. My! but every place in So. Calif. has grown!! It was a great fun week and I would like to go again and visit with you folks - Am not real sure about doing it but will think about it. Thanks for the invitation -

The Howard Way your Aunt Mildred (I met her once!!) spoke of was, no doubt, my nephew. And the baby you mentioned in the other letter you wrote was his grandson. My brother's oldest daughter, Katherine Kelly, died of cancer about three (3) months ago and was buried in San Ber- She lived in Sunset Beach.

Yesterday I mailed two paintings (by your grandmother) and frames to Bob + Marg. as it seemed the like an Ashton should have them. I showed them to Shirley

Ashton once when she was going to our college + said - Aunt Ida painted them + she had no idea who Aunt Ida was - (her great grandmother) I guess that is understandable, tho'.

Even tho' I am 84 I still drive and am as active as I want to be (??) I live in a one bedroom mobile home + take care of my own yard except mowing the lawn !! Bob's live about two miles from me but there are phones and lots of communications -

Tho't you might be interested in this picture - Have other things I know you and Cleta, too, would be interested in so come see me!!!
Love - Ruth

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