Monday, October 27, 2014

The Not So Slim Shady

Did two full loops around the neighborhood and then the lollipop part. Wanted to do more but I somehow found myself focusing on quality instead of quantity. I also found myself suddenly running up the hill I usually walk and before I knew it, I was fighting the urge to check my watch to see how far I ran without stopping. When I finally looked, it was 7 minutes. Then 12 minutes. Then 15 minutes. When I finally crapped out, I was at 27 minutes and I had no idea how I got that far without walking. I went nearly 2.5 miles without a walking break. Easily my longest, continuous run in ages. Maybe years.

Anyway, as I was trying to wrestle with the how and the why I was able to accomplish this feat, I came up with two new sections to test out; Naughty Neil and Today's Motivation. Naughty Neil will likely be full of bad jokes but today it will be about food. Today's Motivation will hopefully delve into what motivates me to run on any given day. A bit of the psyche behind the runner if you will.

Outside of these internal rumblings, the rest of the run was filled with being freaking cold. Somehow I missed the memo that said it would get down to the 30s last night so I had a bit of a chilly start to the day. It was also dark enough that I went out with my headlamp for the first loop so thankfully the batteries didn't totally die on me. Really should replace those today.


Temps were about 35F. Sun wasn't quite up yet. Sky was mostly clear. Winds were light.

Fluids and Fuel:
Before the run I had some coffee. During the run was a bottle of plain water. Recovery was a left over hamburger (patty only), two eggs, two slices of toast, and more coffee.

Aches and Pain:
Nothing really hurt although I did feel a little wheezy when I started.

Wore thermal shirt, short sleeve shirt, vest, shorts, pants, gloves, and BUFF. Wore my headlamp for the first loop.

Naughty Neil:
I skipped breakfast yesterday and had BooBerry cereal for lunch yesterday. Dinner was healthy but dessert was cake and ice cream. And a beer. Not really healthy but my minor success was that I didn't eat the whole piece of cake and I only had a few scoops of ice cream instead of the whole pint.

Today's Motivation:
Mostly I wanted to keep moving to avoid freezing. But there was also a bit of pressure to make sure I finished my run in time to get back home for the plumber. And there was some guilt that I skipped my 45 minute run yesterday so that's why I did it today.

Loop 1 - 16:18
Loop 2 - 17:19
Lollipop - 12:03
Finish - 45:41

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