Friday, April 12, 2013

Garden Update

Thought I'd give everyone an update on the garden. Certainly more positive than the rest of the crap life has thrown my way.

We have everything but peppers and tomatoes planted. Spinach was slow to start but looks healthy. Radishes have taken off like freaking weeds. The onions are a no-show so far. And the marigolds are slowly coming up.

You can see the marigolds in the middle two sections here, the radish on the far right, and the spinach on the far left.

Here we have red radishes growing super fast on the far left with some spinach (three different plantings) slowly making progress in the middle.


Kim said...

Do you not have deer issues in your area?
I start some peppers from seed and they are doing well. But I don't set out in the garden until mid May, which this year may be Mem Weekend, due to when MMT is run.

Neil Richard said...

We do have deer in the area, often times coming into or through our yard. The neighbor behind us now has horses (and a fence) so we see fewer deer but they're still out there. Haven't had any issues with them in the garden yet but if they do come, I'm hoping I can keep them away with egg shells (I read that works - guess we'll see).

As for the peppers and tomatoes, I may sneak out tonight before dinner to plant them. I work this weekend and race next weekend and don't want to wait until May to start them outside.