Thursday, December 09, 2010

Product Review - Saucony Elite Arm Warmers

Saucony Elite Arm Warmers

- Anotomical Fit - These sleeves (or arm warmers if you prefer) are fitted for the left and right arms. The older models are not, or at least aren't labeled as such, but that is the only noticeable difference. And if you happen to have an older model, keep the Saucony logo readable to others when you hold out both arms (more on this later).

- ViZi-PRO - I can't say enough about this color. If you run or bike outside, especially in areas with hunters or drivers, this color can save your life. The brighter the better.

- 50+ UV Protection - There is some debate as to how much sun runners should get. Personally, I don't count on the sleeves to keep the sun off my skin. I count on the sleeves to keep my arms warm.

I got mine in a Large. They are unisex but are sometimes labeled as Women's and sometimes as Men's. You'll find a link to my arm measurements below if that will help. The big thing for me is they don't fall off or slip down my arm. I had some chafing issues early on that were easily cured by folding down the top elastic cuff but I think the real problem was I pulled them up too high.

- Machine wash cold with like colors
- Do not use softeners
- Remove immediately
- Do not bleach
- Line dry
- Do not iron
- Do not dry clean

Two big things to remember when wearing these sleeves. First, the older models aren't labeled LEFT and RIGHT, so put the "S" in Saucony on your left wrist. Second, keep the seam on the under part of your arm. While it isn't explicitly recommended one way or the other by Saucony, I've found this keeps the logos facing out and keeps the seam away from any chafing points, especially the inside of your bicep and armpit.

Beyond that, these are great sleeves. They're tight enough to stay up but not so tight they cut off blood flow. They will leave funny marks on your arms though when you take them off because they will wrinkle and bunch a bit (but not enough to be uncomfortable). And if you want to see them in use, I model them here in a recent race and Heather's take on Saucony's ViZi-PRO line (and arm sleeves).

You can see my measurements in this gallery if you'd like.

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