Monday, November 29, 2010

RoadID and Crank Sports Coupon Codes

Since today is "Cyber Monday," I thought it would be the perfect time to give out some coupon codes I have for RoadID and Crank Sports. For those unfamiliar with either company, they are both worthy of a prolonged gander.

Personally, I wear the Wrist ID Elite. I started out with the Sport model, but after several months of wearing it 24/7, it started to smell a bit (yes, I did clean it in the shower). The Elite model works great and I've had no issues so far. I've also started to use the Firefly Supernova lights during my pre-dawn runs. They work great and haven't fallen off. I'm not a big fan of the batteries (they need to be purchased from RoadID) but the product works well enough for me continue to use them.

Sorry, I only have three coupons, so use them while they last.

RoadID Coupon Code (Valid for $1.00 off. Expires 12/31/2011) = TAF1238
RoadID Coupon Code (Valid for $1.00 off. Expires 12/31/2011) = TAF1239
RoadID Coupon Code (Valid for $1.00 off. Expires 12/31/2011) = TAF1240

From Crank Sports, I use both the e-Gel and the e-Fuel. I can tell you the e-Gel works great for longer runs and has a slower burn than GU or other gels. In other words, it'll give you a slow dose of energy for an hour or so before it wears off where GU will act more like a flash in the pan and burn off in a half hour or less. My mind still isn't made up on the e-Fuel since I haven't tried it enough to make an informed opinion. But what few times I have used it, I've felt an increase in energy while running.

This coupon should be valid for anyone.

Crank Sports Coupon Code (Valid for $2.00 off first order and up to 25% off all orders) = 386304

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