Monday, April 20, 2009

The New Car

Edited 4/22/09: I've added the wrecked van photo at the bottom.

Well, it's not really a car, it's an SUV. Here's a preview:

Click here for all the photos.

But what I really need, is a name. I'm not big on naming cars, major appliances, or anything in general. But we can't call it a "van" (that's what we wrecked). We can't call it a "Suburban" (even though it essentially is). So should it be the "Denali" or the "Yukon" or something else? Vote in the comments!


Paul Abbamondi said...


TK42ONE said...

:: insert groan ::

Subcar? Come on Paul, all of that XBOX time has been drinking your creative juices.

:: slurp ::

Anonymous said...

The Beast. So where are the pictures of the totalled van??

TK42ONE said...

Actually, I think I only took one or two. Does that show how much I care about it?

If I think about it tomorrow, I'll look for them.

John Zeleznik said...

I refer to our Honda Pilot as the Shaggin' Wagon on occasion.

I've always named cars before I got Subaru was the Ski Patrol, my Daytona was the Falcon (was fast as hell but constantly breaking down and in horrible condition), my Celebrity was the Skunk (awful white stripe for all the middle panels), my Olds was the 88 (not real creative) and the Jeep was the Silver Bullet.

TK42ONE said...

Well, it certainly is large enough to be a Shaggin Waggin, but I'm thinking of something more kid-friendly, not kid-producing.

1979 semi-finalist said...

I vote for The Beast, or Beast for short. If only because we had a big suburban when I was a kid and we called it Beast. Good times.

TK42ONE said...

It is kind of a beast in that it's so large. But I grew up driving one of these things (a 1987 Suburban that my dad still drives). And while the name may grow on me, it doesn't seem to fit. This is a fancy beast. Leather seats. Sunroof. Maybe it should be "the Beauty and the Beast." With my wife being the beauty of course.

sparkly_jules said...

Dude--you might want to blur out your license plates on both car pics. :-) Unless it doesn't matter. Really nice. What happened to the other van?

I think you should call it Ernie.



TK42ONE said...

I've thought about blurring my plates before, but honestly, if you know where and how to look, you can find my home address, home phone, and cell phone online. I don't feel threatened by all those crazies, but if something were to happen, I may change my mind. Until then, I'm packing heat regardless.

As for the old van, she (my wife) rear-ended a Subaru wagon. The other car drove off with a small smudge. The van was towed away and totaled. What did we learn? Never buy a KIA.