Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A bit of an update

Yesterday's post about the fire has become a temporary obsession of mine. I recently discovered a few sites that may interest you.

First, an image of the funeral services from Life magazine.
Second, an image of a mother in grief from Life magazine (the man looks like my grandfather, but I'm pretty sure it isn't him).

Finally, what appears to be the best source of information (photos, statistics, maps, etc.) about the fire.


Anonymous said...

That is definitely not my Dad in the photo Neil. Daddy had a mustache. And he would have more likely taken the picture than be in it.

Love, Mom

Neil Richard said...

I figured as much, but it did make me look twice. Then again, I never met him. So I only have photos to base it on.

PS - I'm working on William and Elizabeth photos.