Friday, May 02, 2008

A Study of Art

Briefly, seeing as I took all of five minutes to take the photos, what follows is a study of the art in our house.

The most prolific artist would be Yvonne's grandmother. Of all the hanging art in our house, she painted most of it. Nearly half in fact. I think this one is my favorite (it hangs in our hall bathroom):

The next artist would be my mother. Of the quilts in our house, she's made pretty much all of them. She's been featured in magazines, books, and national quilt shows. In other words, she does good work. Even as a child, she was a pretty good artist:

Various other artists grace our walls, but my favorite of all is the wood burning done by my great uncle:

You can view the rest of the art collection here.


1979 semi-finalist said...

wow. you've got a lot of artists in your family.

-Melissa- said...

You have some talented artists in your family.