Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's getting hot in here

So, yesterday the weather was nice at a balmy 67 degrees (give or take a few degrees). I, however, didn't get the chance to enjoy the sun as I had to stay home with William and Elizabeth. William was running a temp of 101 in the morning that eventually came down to about 99 before disappearing by this morning. I figure it was due to his three shots he got on Thursday.

And this morning, when all looked like it was getting back on the normal routine, Elizabeth looked a little green around the gills, didn't want her breakfast and barely touched her milk (despite being thirsty). Checked her temp, yep, 101.

So, Dad is watching Elizabeth today while William is at work. Hopefully she'll feel better watching Noggin on my nice, LCD, full HD, newly anchored to the wall, 47 inch television.


-Melissa- said...

I hope everyone gets feeling better soon. No fun when your kids get sick. :(

Anonymous said...

Wow!! William's at work?! Jeez, what freakin year is it already?

Neil Richard said...

"Work" is what Elizabeth calls her baby sitter's. So we've taken it up as well, so yes, everyone in our house (except the dog) goes to work, regardless of age.