Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Large Photo Update-edited-

Apologies to those on dial-up, but this post will have some photos.

First, we have some pictures of the recent landscaping we've done around the house. I think I've dumped about 50 bags (3 cubic feet each) so far and removed about 350 square feet of sod. Not easy work, but it looks nice. Here's the finished swing set area (where most of the work took place):

Then we have the pipe under the driveway. I have no idea what it's made of, but it was a nightmare to cut. Thanks to Dad for spending the time on it:

And finally, the dent that magically appeared on my car:

Okay, not as many pictures as I expected.


Anonymous said...

Where'd you getthe swing set? What kind is it? how much did it cost? We're thinking of getting one...(no more thoughts of trampolines since Grant's accident!).... but mostly I'm nervous of the time, installation, and rusting/splinters.

Anonymous said...

hrmmm, nice work on the swing set, looks good. It appears someone was really pissed that your car was in the way of their shopping cart. How do you think that there is enough room in a parking lot for all those people and their egos. :-D


TK42ONE said...

The swing came from Toys R Us (I think Manchester is the style name). Some of the larger, newer ones (with climbing walls and stuff) are made of composite instead of wood, so I wouldn't worry about splinters too much.

Installation/Assembly was easier than I expected. The nuts and bolts were already placed in the correct holes, all I had to do was unscrew the nut, run the bolt through the corresponding holes, and tighten it up again. It took me about 4 or 5 hours to put this one together. Only needed a spare socket wrench or two to put it together.

I did take the time to anchor the beast (those cost extra) but it holds a decent amount of weight (like my big butt) without sagging too much. Not sure how much it will rust, hopefully not too much. Only other things I added were the foam padding on the cross bars and i sprayed some self-expanding foam in the see-saw to keep out the wasps (why I couldn't use my swing set as a child).

And Epheros, I don't know if it was a shopping cart or a car that hit us. Likely a car. Either way, I couldn't tell you when it happened. I walk around my car every time I fill up with gas (which was last Friday) and didn't see anything. When I went shopping the day I discovered it, I don't remember anything out of sorts. Except for the dent magically appearing.