Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Salvatore, UFOs, and -edited-

Salvatore's Podcast Continues

Bob gives us some more info on Green Monster Games and playing WoW (that's World of Warcraft for you noobs). But the camera work still needs more work. The phone is ringing in the background again, the lighting is off, there's movement in the mirror, people are talking in the background, and Bob is looking at a spot that isn't conducive to a good interview. Outside of his gaming opinions, there's not much that you learn from this podcast.

UFOs and Aliens

So last night I let Henry (our dog) out to "do his business." He has a routine where he goes out just as I'm falling asleep in bed. While some pet owners wouldn't put up with this, we do because it beats him using the floor. Anyway, he's in the yard and I'm enjoying the clear night sky full of stars, planets, passing jets, and UFOs.

Now, before you think I'm crazy, let me pause the story and tell you where I stand on UFOs and aliens. I believe in them but have never seen them. I believe the chances of extraterrestrial life existing elsewhere in the galaxy or universe is too great to ignore. If Earth can play host to so many life forms, why not another planet somewhere else? No, I don't believe aliens have visited Earth and no, I don't believe people that say they've been abducted. Sorry, it makes a great TV show but, until you can prove it, it's just fiction.

Back to the story, I'm looking at the sky (towards the North and East, in the general direction of the eastern edges of D.C.) and see what looks like a jet making it's way south. Then west. Then north. Then south again. Then east. Then stopping. Then south. At this point, my immediate thought was a helicopter was flying around, not a jet. But the helicopter was at a higher altitude than the passing jets. Something I'm not sure can happen with present-technology. Or at least happen that often.

Anyway, I went to bed with thoughts of aliens and UFOs and imaginary helicopters. Oh, and if aliens attack today, I predicted it first.



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