Monday, September 18, 2006

Revver busts my chops

So I've been experimenting with a new site, Revver, to help market my videos. If my METRA video continues to get as much traffic as it does, I might be able to make some money. That’s the hope anyway.

So thanks to another fan of running a video camera while driving (nalts from I’ve given Revver a shot at making some money for me. Make those videos work for a change.

So far I’m a bit disappointed. Well, more than a bit to be honest. Here’s my list of complaints (in no particular order):

I’ve uploaded three videos (last week), but they have yet to be live. There are “live” people that review the videos, so some delay is expected.
After uploading my videos, I can’t view them or view their original title (the title of the file uploaded). See the next one for more.
The dashboard I get (which I like) didn’t show me the files. No big deal, it gives me a link to the videos that need attention. THAT page didn’t show me anything but a nice white background until today. Today I could finally see what I needed to add before the video going live. All easy stuff, until you try to identify the videos you’re uploading. Remember, you can’t watch them yet. And the original file name isn’t shown.
So now my three videos are up for review, all with titles, tags, and summaries of “test.”

While I know making money takes work and effort, this experience has been far from easy. Google Video (my preferred outlet for videos) only gives me issues when I’m trying to upload a large file (in which case I simply upload one at a time). While Google Video does not allow me to make money directly, I could post them to my blog, run AdSense/AdWords, and hope for the best.

But I haven’t given up on Revver just yet. Nalts has been a great source for feedback, information, and content.

And I have to at least try to make money on one of these videos.

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Anonymous said...

I can see a lot of folks are frustrated lately with the technical snafus. Hope I haven't steered you in the wrong direction. It's driving me crazy too. It's been a long road to get to 1.0, so here's hoping they put the pedal to the metal and steer it back on course. (Car analogies intentional)