Friday, November 01, 2013

The Creep

Was nervous about getting this run in before the rain, before the giant storm, and before work. Thankfully I beat them all. My heart rate zones suffered a bit because of it but it got done and I was happy with it. Some how I managed to beat the rain by over an hour and made it to work on time. Sort of.

Anyway, the run went better than expected. I retrieved one trail camera so the first few miles were a bit heavy with the extra weight. Not to mention a bit annoying with the damn strap digging into my neck. Note to self, the free messenger bag isn't conducive to running. The second part of the run was much easier since I was able to ditch the extra gear and get down to just one bottle. Made for a more comfortable run.

Along the run I got to see two young bucks, four points or less. One was pretty alert, saw me, then ran away. The other was pretty sluggish, saw me, them meandered away looking for coffee.

Temps were 70F, humidity was mild to moderate, and the sky was overcast. Winds were heavy around 20 to 40 mph.

Fluids and Fuel:
Before the run I had half an iced coffee. Drank one bottle of plain water and one bottle of Hammer Fizz during the run. An hour into the run I had an applesauce packet. Recovery was a breakfast burrito and iced latte.

Aches and Pains:
Nothing really hurt other than the messenger bag digging into my neck for a few miles.

Dragged along the messenger bag to recover the trail camera. Only needed it for about 3 miles before ditching it. Same goes for my second handheld and my headlamp. Wore shorts, t-shirt, and hat. Also wore my free gaiters, but in the right direction this time.

Heart Rate:
Struggled to stay in Zone 2, primarily due to the heat. Finally said screw it over the last 2 miles and gradually increased the heart rate. Pushed it hard over the last half mile.

Mile 1 - 13:40 (AVG HR 136)
Mile 2 - 18:40 (AVG HR 137)
Mile 3 - 16:27 (AVG HR 147)
Mile 4 - 14:53 (AVG HR 144)
Mile 5 - 14:15 (AVG HR 147)
Mile 6 - 14:58 (AVG HR 148)
Mile 7 - 14:11 (AVG HR 150)
Mile 8 - 12:58 (AVG HR 162) [first half mile was 7:30 with HR of 151, second half mile was my hard push at 5:28 with HR of 172]
Finish - 2:00:06
MIN HR - 83
AVG HR - 146
MAX HR - 185

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