Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trash Cache

It must be Halloween week because things are just getting creepy out there. A few days ago I ran on the trail and the fog was perfect weather for zombies. Plus the ghost cowboy I heard behind me (complete with hooves, spurs, and heavy breathing) made things extra creepy. Well today I headed in the other direction thankful that the fog was barely there. Only to find a bizarre stash of Gatorade bottles and duct tape. I mean, seriously? Did you have a victim in the woods and they got away? And what's up with the drinks?

Anyway, I carried on and got my run done. I won't be going out there for a few days just in the hopes that the spirits move along to find some other haint. Aside from the creepy tape, the run was fairly boring. No interesting encounters. Made it all the way to the bridge and back plus a little extra to edge me a little closer to the hour and a half mark. Still didn't quite get there but I could have if I didn't care about being too late to work.

Temps were about 45F to 50F. No wind. Sky was overcast and humidity was 100%. Had a few rain drops here and there but nothing too heavy.

Fluids and Fuel:
Before the run I had half an iced coffee and a mini-coffee cake bar. During the run I had a bottle of plain water that I didn't quite finish and an applesauce pouch at the halfway point. Recovery was bacon, eggs, waffles, yogurt, and coffee.

Aches and Pains:
Got a wee bruise on the ball of my right foot from stepping on too many pointy rocks. They like to hide under the leaves. Also had a bit of a sour stomach over the last mile but nothing too terrible (likely caused by poor choices for lunch and dinner last night).

Wore a headlamp for the first mile or two then stashed it. Wore my Buff, gloves, thermal shirt, shorts, and pants. Also wore a short sleeve t-shirt. Carried my knife since I was in coyote country.

Heart Rate:
Really happy with my heart rate today. Managed to stay out of Zone 3 until the last few miles when I really just wanted to speed up and get back home. First few miles I was in Zone 1, not really by design but just because that was the pace I was moving at. It felt comfortable so I stuck with it. I'm sure the cold weather helped. Finished with a roughly 2 minute push at the end to round out my 6 miles.

Decided to do half mile splits today just to get a better judge of pace and zones. Not that stopping to pick up trash helped things but hey, it's the thought that counts.

Start - 4:43 (AVG HR 116)
Mile 0.5 - 5:37 (AVG HR 133)
Mile 1.0 - 6:29 (AVG HR 138)
Mile 1.5 - 8:01 (AVG HR 132)
Mile 2.0 - 7:32 (AVG HR 137)
Mile 2.5 - 10:47 (AVG HR 132) (includes trash detail)
Mile 3.0 - 9:27 (AVG HR 125) (includes trash detail)
Mile 3.5 - 6:59 (AVG HR 142)
Mile 4.0 - 6:13 (AVG HR 142)
Mile 4.5 - 6:40 (AVG HR 142)
Mile 5.0 - 6:01 (AVG HR 139)
Mile 5.5 - 6:26 (AVG HR 145)
End - 1:58 (AVG HR 163)
Finish - 1:27:00
MIN HR - 89
AVG HR - 136
MAX HR - 174

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