Monday, November 25, 2013

Podcast - Mile 74 - Fartlek Failure

First thing I goofed is at the start of this episode where I say it's Mile 73. It isn't. It's Mile 74. Next failure was the attempt to record a short show on my phone. Apparently I could record it, email it, listen to it, but not upload it. Damn.

And then, I forget the exact title and author of the book I wanted to review. Yep, pretty much dropping the ball on everything. The book is called Norse Warfare by Martina Sprague. Here are a few quotes that I liked.

"Cattle die, families, die, you too shall die; but a good reputation never dies, nor a good name."

"All peoples have a need to be remembered in death and runes were the Vikings' vehicle for posterity."

Oh, and that part about calling this episode Dick Snot, well, I decided not to do that either. So you guessed it, I failed at a bunch of stuff and complained about it all. Oh, and the book writing? I'll just let you guess how that's going.

So there you have it. A lump of failures all in one episode and it's available all on SoundCloud. Enjoy!

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