Friday, November 22, 2013

Body Dump

Don't know why I couldn't just run an extra tenth of a mile to get a nice round 7 miles in but oh well, close enough and my time was limited anyway. Today's run involved lots of dead bodies. Specifically deer. The first body I smelled but couldn't see. On my return trip I'd smell it again and eventually saw it up on the other side of the berm (that's what us country folk call the other side of a ditch). The second body I saw the other day during my run. It's hard to tell if it was one body in two pieces or just two bodies. Either way a large chunk was in the road and another chunk was in the beaver pond. Wish I could say I felt sorry for the beavers but I don't. Little fuckers can suck it. Speaking of beavers, I found their lodge. Right on the edge of the road between the road and the fence. And the fence is on the edge of their swamp. Not sure how I missed it after running by it so many times. The third body was another one I could smell, although barely. After taking a few extra looks around the area as I ran by, I eventually saw a rib cage sticking out of a trash bag.

Now, I have no idea if these deer were hit by cars or were killed by hunters. But the deer in the water and the deer in the trash bag are pretty solid signs of a hunter that doesn't give a shit about the carcass or the people around him. Those kind of hunters piss me off. Especially the one that stuffed the deer in a trash bag. I mean, you took the time and energy to put in the bag, why not take it to the dump? Idiots.

And, that wasn't all I found. I'm pretty used to finding crazy shit when I run. From the mundane golf balls to the bizarre giant dildos. Today was a pile of clothes in the ditch. Like a dude just stripped naked and left his clothes there. And a little further down the road was a bag of trash. Fairly normal in the country for dumb rednecks to litter, even an entire trash bag. But this bag was in a tree. A good ten feet high. Like they threw it towards the woods, they underestimated their strength, and it never came back down. More idiots.

The rest of the run was uneventful. Thankfully. Oh, and that word, uneventful, was my son's new vocabulary word last night at dinner. I said "I had an uneventful day." He asked what that meant, I explained it, and then he says "I had an uneventful day too." At least somebody in this world is smart.

The bag of trash in the tree. At first glance, I thought it was a hornet's nest.


Temps were about 50F. Winds were light to moderate. Sun was out for a little bit then the clouds came in.

Fluids and Fuel:
Before the run I had half a coffee. During the run I had a bottle of Hammer Fizz and about half a bottle of plain water. Recovery was waffles (3), eggs (2), bacon (3), and coffee. Was going to have Hammer Recoverite but felt pretty full after eating the food.

Aches and Pains:
Left shin hurt for the first mile or so. Not a bad pain, just enough to register. First 2 or 3 miles my stomach felt pretty sour. Likely caused by my lousy breakfast yesterday haunting me. Once I started drinking the Hammer Fizz, it felt better. Right glute started to hurt a bit in the last half mile when I tried pushing the pace a little harder. So I eased off a bit while keeping the speed up as much as I could.

Wore two shorts, thermal shirt, short sleeve shirt, Buff, and winter gloves. Also carried my large pepper spray and an apple sauce that I didn't eat.

Heart Rate:
Ran, without walking, for the first 17 minutes. Didn't really need to take a break then for my heart rate but my brain got the better of me and made me walk. Was able to keep my heart rate in Zone 2 fairly easily through the first half. During the second half it would creep up into the 150s so I'd slow down. Did a moderate push at the end but nothing too drastic. Just wasn't feeling super-fast today.

Outbound - 44:16 (AVG HR 139)
Inbound - 44:15 (AVG HR 146)
Finish - 1:28:32
MIN HR - 89
AVG HR - 143
MAX HR - 171
RHR - 61

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Lauren said...

I just hate seeing trash on the trail. Hardly ever do I see bodies, especially not deer. I'm amazed you came across so many on one run. Once in a while, I'll see a dead rodent. See lots of smashed lizards and caterpillars, occasionally a dead snake. Hunters out here, and in Texas (another place I run), take home their kill. I can't fathom throwing the carcass away in a trash bag. Very bizarre. And sad. :(