Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The World Is Your Oyster

The World Is Your Oyster:
That's what I thought when I saw the oyster shells sitting in the ditch. It was like somebody had a meal of oysters and dumped the shells in the ditch. Sure, there were beer cans and beer bottles in the area but none looked as though they belonged.

Guess it's just another mystery of the backwoods where I live.

The run was okay but I felt sluggish out there. The headwind didn't help much. Nor did yesterday's run in the morning and bike ride in the afternoon. Nor did the news about my mom's pending surgery help. Yet I somehow got a good night's sleep last night. Must have been the fresh air I was dreaming about.

Side note about my mom, I'm not really worried about her surgery. I know she'll do fine. I think the worst part will be a stiff neck during recovery.

Temps were about 55F. Winds were moderate around 10 mph with gusts around 20 mph. The sun was out in full.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was a burrito, apple fritter, and iced latte. Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich. During the run I had one bottle of Hammer Fizz and one bottle of plain water. Recovery was Hammer Soy followed by some apple slices and an iced coffee.

Aches and Pains:
None really. Had a small twinge in my left knee right above the knee cap but nothing major.

Shorts, t-shirt, arm sleeves, gloves, and buff. Also took my cell phone in my tiny fanny pack thing since I didn't have any pockets.

Took my small pepper spray today. It fit in my waist belt but came out a bit too easily when I heard the dog barking to I ended up shoving it into my shorts since they were tight enough to hold it. That seemed to work best.

Outbound - 33:37
Inbound - 35:34
Finish - 1:09:11

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