Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Today's run got off to a dark start. I'm sorry mom, but I killed a bird. A Cardinal. With my car. But it was either me or the bird. If I would have swerved, I would have wrapped my car around a tree. So his sacrifice wasn't without cause. I felt about it but had gotten over it by the time I made it to the trail. The really odd part though? R. I. P. by Young Jeezy was playing on the radio at the time. I didn't kill the club but I certainly killed the bird.

The run was decent. Things were getting warm but I still kept my shirt on (I'm sure the squirrels appreciated it). Outside of that, I saw nothing exciting. The run went better than expected in that my pace was faster than expected. I did the first 4 to 5 miles at just over a 10 minute pace and while that was mostly due to no elevation, I was still impressed.


Temps were about 65F. Light wind. No humidity. Sun was out.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was iced coffee, yogurt, and a healthy burrito. During the run I had a bottle of Hammer Fizz and a bottle of plain water. Recovery was Hammer Recoverite.

Aches and Pains:
None really.

Nothing special. Just shorts and a t-shirt.

Took my large pepper spray. It fit nicely in the pocket of my T-Star shorts. It got a little sweaty but aside from that, it was great.

Didn't bother since this was via RunKeeper.
Finish - 1:09:12

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