Thursday, April 11, 2013


Took an extended lunch today and went for a bike ride to go get some lunch. Along the way I returned to the scene of my crime (the bird I killed yesterday) and saw the victim. I thought about taking a picture of his body but thought that wouldn't be polite so I kept going. From there I headed down the nearest BFH (big freaking hill) and back up the other side. Then I turned around and did it all over again. Then I wen to get lunch. Once I refueled, I turned back around and went home, this time skipping BFH. All in all, I felt pretty good during and after my ride. Riding on the roads was a bit nerve-wracking but I managed to keep off the busiest roads as much as possible.

I'm sure my bike shorts and sweaty helmet head got me some looks at Sheetz, but it was nice stopping for a break there. The strawberry banana smoothie was awesome. Except for the brain freeze.


Temps were probably 85F. Not really any humidity. Light winds. Full sun.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was two hash browns, iced latte, unhealthy burrito, and yogurt. As I got my food, a comment was made that I needed to run an extra mile because I got two hash browns. That stuck with me as I went through my day so I went out for a bit of extra mileage on my ride. During the ride I had a bottle of Hammer Fizz and a bottle of plain water. I refueled with a veggie wrap, strawberry banana smoothie, and Gatorade. No recovery.

Aches and Pains:
My feet fall asleep during my rides. I'm not sure if I tie my shoes too tight or if I pedal incorrectly or if it's normal.

Nothing too special but I did dig out my cycle jersey just so I could have some pockets for my phone and camera.

Took my large pepper spray and my phone. Both were easily accessible in the pockets of my jersey.

Outbound (7.75 miles) - 46:46
Pit Stop - 14:52
Inbound (3.95 miles) - 15:42
Finish - 1:17:22 (11.7 miles in 1:02:28)

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