Monday, January 28, 2013

Podcast - Mile 53 - Into the Wild Review

While I had planned to run and record this particular episode, some things conspired against me and I had to cut my first take short and start from scratch. It's rare that I do that but sometimes I need to keep the real world out of certain aspects of my life. Anyway, I ramble on about yet another book I just finished, this time Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer.

Despite how poorly I podcast my review, please check out the book (if you haven't already). It's depressing but educational and entertaining.

You can lose yourself in this episode on Podbean or download the whole bus here.

[edited to correct direct download link]


Kim said...

I have no idea on how to download your podcasts. Do you have an RSS Feed?
I don't use iTunes.
What is your thoughts on "into the wild"?

Neil Richard said...

@Kim - So, turns out I put the wrong link there to download it directly from here. Should be fixed now. If you're looking for an RSS feed for just the podcast, head over to Podbean, there should be one there.

Same goes for a direct download from the Podbean site, you should be able to download it directly from there.

As for Into the Wild, it was depressing. Entertaining, educational, and depressing. Worth reading but hard to get through in one sitting when you see all the mistakes the kid made leading up to his death.