Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Death is in the Air

Since I was a lazy bum this morning and ran errands instead of running, I opted for a lunch-time run. Turns out I timed it pretty darn good since the weather warmed up a tad and the rain/freezing rain had stopped. I still felt like hell when I went out to run but I'm happy that I didn't wimp out and only do 2 miles. I hung in there to do 4 miles. I know, big stuff, right? Anyway, while it was a mental victory of sorts, I think I may have lost the physical battle. Yet again I'm battled some sort of crud. Boo.

Temps were around 40F. Wind was moderate at about 10 mph. Sun was here and there but was mostly cloudy. Slightly humid from this morning's rain and freezing rain.

Fluids and Fuel:
Breakfast was yogurt, an iced latte, and a burrito. Took a Hammer Gel as I walked out the door. Drank a bottle of plain water during the run. Recovery was leftover egg noodles and pork chop.

Aches and Pains:
My stride felt all sorts of wonky. Felt like I was Phoebe from Friends running. Which means my shins hurt a bit and my shoes felt funny. Aside from that, the only thing that really hurt was breathing. You know, that crud does wonders for your respiration. Gah.

Wore thermal shirt with wind breaker over it. Wore regular hat with headband to cover my ears. Wore mittens over my gloves (but ditched one of the mittens to get some dexterity). Wore T-Star shorts under my pants. Also took along my voice recorder and my GoPro.

Codename - Death is in the Air
Was eerily followed by some turkey vultures for the first half of the run. They'd be in fields on either side of me dining on something then fly away when I got close. Only a bit creepy until I got to the turn around point and saw a funeral procession go by which made it even more creepy.

Outbound - 23:20
Inbound - 22:06
Finish - 45:27

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