Friday, October 19, 2007

Up, Down, and All Around

Ricky Gautier died yesterday. No, he wasn't a close friend or anything like that, but I did know him and his family. Back when I was a kid, my Dad took me to Antigua twice. During one of those trips, Ricky and his family came along. He was a few years younger than me so I never knew him in school, but I remember him from the trip. His dad ran an auto-body shop in the area where Dad bought the Mustang.

In more positive, local news, Colonial Beach has a candidate for office that's 18 years old. I wish I lived there just so I could vote for her. Her competition is 54, 54, and 53.

And in personal news, I was able to accomplish a bit more than expected yesterday. I got my haircut before meeting Dad for breakfast. And I was able to pickup Elizabeth and William and go to the local McDonald's for dinner without a major disaster (and considering I didn't have a diaper bag with spare diapers, that's pretty risky). And William was able to sleep until 0330 this morning. I changed him but did not feed him and actually got him to go back to sleep. He woke up again at 0430, but I again got him to go back to sleep. When he woke up at 0530, I gave up and fed him. It was time to get up anyway.

And in the spirit of sharing and the upcoming holiday, check out Paul's comic today for some interesting decorations.

And I'll look for an interesting photo or newspaper article to post later today.

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