Monday, October 15, 2007

A Full Rich Day

To steal an episode title from M*A*S*H, I had a "Full Rich Day" on Saturday. I got up fairly early and was outside right around sunrise. It's pretty chilly outside now (especially at that time of day) so I put my thick overalls to good use. I emptied out the gutters on the shed and started a fire (which helped cut the chill).

We have a lot of pine needles in the back yard and they're a pain to gather up. The leaf blower doesn't do well blowing them or sucking them, so I used old-fashioned elbow grease and a rake. In all I burned up quite a bit of scrap wood (only a few 2x4 scraps left), logs, and brush. We have several stacks of each around the back yard, so I was happy to make a few of them smaller.

From May 2007

I also got the yard tools ready for winter. That means the shovels, rakes, and hoes got cleaned and oiled. The axes (all four) and the ditch axe got cleaned, sharpened, and oiled. The weed eater and leaf blower were cleaned. About the only I didn't clean was the deck of the mower.

And I raked the leaves from the front yard and sucked them up with the leaf blower. And I trim and cut the grass. And I cleaned up where we poured our small pad by the shed. And I put all of Elizabeth's toys in the totes and more stuff from the porches in the small shed.

All in all, pretty busy. And that was BEFORE my shower.

After my shower, we ate dinner (Yvonne, Elizabeth, Monica, and myself). Then Monica was nice enough to babysit William and Elizabeth while Yvonne and I went on a "date."

So we drove to one of the local farms and walked around. I had not been there since I was a kid and it has grown immensely. From a rope swing in the barn to a maize maze and pedal tractors. We walked the maize maze (in the dark) and had fun. It was easier than we thought once we got out, but we got lost pretty quickly.

Then we headed to Applebees for dessert which turned out to be a bit of a downer. The service was slow and 3 of the 5 desserts had nuts. So I had nachos instead.

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-Melissa- said...

You were one busy guy on Saturday. Saturday's are the day I make Jared get stuff done around the house. Poor guy!:)