Thursday, October 11, 2007

How about just one big post for today?

Since I was so wordy yesterday with my multiple posts, I'll just be wordy in one post today.

It's been nearly 2 months since I've had a soda. I quit cold turkey when I was feeling under the weather and never went back. Well, my hope was I would feel refreshed, lighter on my feet, less like I'm high on something, and maybe lose some weight. Out of all my hopes, the only thing I've seen an improvement in is that I don't feel like I'm high on caffeine. The rest of life sucks because I can't seem to wake up. So, I don't know if my addiction is psychological, pharmacological, or biological, but I'm thinking about going back to drinking. Over the past few days, I've been sorely tempted to get something, but have pushed back and said no. I'm just not sure how long that will last.

Where will you be.....
....when your driver's license expires? Mine expires in 2011 and I have no idea where I will be. I know I'll be 35, Elizabeth will be 7, and William will be 4. Maybe I'll get lucky and win the lottery by then so I can retire.

Bare feet
Where do you go bare feet? I saw a lady yesterday walking her child to the bus stop in her bare feet. No big deal, but her driveway was dusty, rocky, and certainly not clean. And from the looks of her house and clothing, it looked like she was going back inside without cleaning her feet (she looked like she rarely took showers in general). Myself, I like showers. The bathroom is even my favorite room in the house. And I like clean feet. But I'm not a big fan of being barefoot. Even in the house I usually wear socks. I used to go barefoot as a life guard and as a kid, but not often.

Genealogy Update
I've scanned some more documents and filed them away in the closet. And I pulled more out to scan. Work is kind enough to provide me with a copier that doubles as a scanner. It just scans in B&W. Better than nothing and it works for documents as I can feed them in easily. I think what I'll need to do soon (maybe I'll start today) is to sort through the photos I have and remove any duplicates and try to cross-match the similar ones to get names of the unidentified people.

And that's it folks. But before you leave, let me take you back a few years and introduce you to a cute kid I used to know and his grandmother.


Anonymous said...

Do not go back to soda's. If you need some caffine then I would highly recommend "Arizona Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng", and it comes in a cool bottle (what I prefer to drink from rather then the can, which is a little cheaper though). The harsh ingredients are at a bare minimum and it's actually has good stuff in it.

I used ot not drink Pepsi for a good copule years, then I had one after a meal and that was it, I was hooked again because it felt good to have one during dinner. That sugar blast isn't god for your system and is in some part responisble for not only weight gain but hypoglycemia and glucose intolerence and even worse.

My doctor always gets on me about sodas, and fried foods - which I'm pretty good about anyway - but I warn you away from the sodas.

Take care!

~Epheros Aldor - Apostle of Cale

cinda1212 said...

I agree on the sodas... just say no.

I quit cold turkey one Christmas I was home from college. Dad thought I was on drugs, I think - the withdrawls were bad. I layed on the floor and moaned a lot for many days. I used to have a 12 pack of Diet Coke a day...or so. It's how I managed to make it through architecture school. But, I'd been sick for a long time and couldn't shake it. Doc said antibiotics were less effective when with caffiene in system. I quit, and got better. Coincidence? Maybe.

I haven't had any since then (other than a sip or two of Henri's Coke in a movie theatre in desperation - ick...full sugar Coke!). I don't drink anything caffienated, carbonated or brown (no tea or coffee - but I don't really like those anyway). Occasionally I'll have a fresca or ginger ale or other non-brown soda, but the carbonation gives me the hiccups (and I had those for 6 months straight in college, so I'm not excited about getting them back). Anyway, all that crap can't be good for anyone.

I also haven't had any fast food in almost 3 years (no place with a drive through). Hard to tell by my waistline! but it started as a bet with Aunt Shelly and she gave in within a couple weeks...and I'm still holding out.

About the feet - I'd love to be bare foot all the time. I do NOT like walking on sidewalks, gravel, etc, though - just hurts too much. I can't stand dirty feet, though, so when I'm not wearing any shoes, I wash my feet in the tub a couple times a day (a remnant of my mother's influence - who HATES bare feet and was always yelling at me to wash them). And I always have to be able to have my feet out ... so I almost always (year round) wear slip-on shoes, and socks only when absolutely necessary.

So.. I'm a freak, right? But you knew that.

TK42ONE said...

Cinda, you're only a freak because you don't like upper-case letters. Aside from that, you're a normal Lester.

Which means you're pretty freaky.

cinda1212 said...



i like caps just fine, thank you very much... i just don't TYPE them well!