Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today's Deep Thought-edited-

Today's deep thought?

When deaf people speak, they use their hands. So when they go to the dentist, can they speak more clearly when asked a question?

This is what went through my head today as I sat in the dentist chair for my 6 month check-up. Everything went fine, no cavities, just plenty of clean teeth. Well, not plenty, I think I actually have 2 fewer than the average person because my teeth are so large and my jaw is so small.


Rambling on, after the dentist this morning, I browsed through the newest Target in the area, just a few lights from work. And what do I see on the shelf? These:

I couldn't believe it. All those memories of cutting the backs off to save the files, playing with (and losing) the weapons, and making all my own sound effects came rushing back. I'm sure Mom remembers those sounds.....

Rambling on, William got up at 0430 this morning. I wasn't too happy, but, he had a full 6 ounces and didn't scream his bloody head off when I tried to burp him. He also seems to be burping less, which I'm taking as a sign he's growing. And from what we've seen, he'll be rolling over soon. And yes Mom, I can actually see that he's grown.

I'm reading three books right now. Well, technically I'm re-reading one (The Name Of The Wind), but two new books is still a chore for me. I'm just getting to the good part in Meeting At Corvallis. The big battle is brewing and I can't wait to see what happens (even though I know a main character is going to die - ruined that my own dumb self). The other book is The Innocent Mage. It's a bit different in writing style than I'm used to (like spelling, grammar, dialect, etc.), but I'm getting used to it. Not as bad as Shakespeare, but not as easy as P.D. Eastman (kudos if you remember him).

And my final ramble, I can't really think of one right now. So here's the closest thing I could find for a ramble.


Anonymous said...

That is a sweet picture for The Innocent Mage. Who did the cover on that?

TK42ONE said...

David Wyatt did the cover. The second book in the duology is the same image but reversed and in red. Kind of neat looking.