Monday, January 22, 2007


So last night I had a bizarre dream about three young women coming into the bathroom while I was using it. It was a public bathroom and I was in a stall (standing, not sitting) and they kept trying to push the door open. Then they decided to peak over the wall and say "Gross" before going to the mirror to put their make-up on.

I didn't care so much that they came into the bathroom. And I didn't even care that they peaked over the wall. But they kept pushing the door and that makes it hard to aim.

Anyway, Nel and Zevina and their friend were not on my friends list after that. And no, I don't know who Nel and Zevina are, but those were the names on their name tags.

In other news, we got some snow yesterday and ice last night. I wasn't too concerned about the snow, but the forecast for ice had me a bit worried. -edited-

-edited-By afternoon they had treated our road (with sand, not salt), but it was drivable enough to get some lunch at McDonald's. Yvonne promised Elizabeth lunch there since she (meaning Elizabeth) went poopy on the pottie.

And it was nice to stay home and get things done. We cleaned off the desk and I finally got it dusted and organized. And I got to clean the laundry room and Elizabeth's bathroom. Still need to clean the floors, but that shouldn't take too much.

Let's see, Epheros, you were looking to see when Dresdin Files were on. Right now (1600), tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2300, and Thursday at 1800. And some stories to critique? Check these two out. Introduction. Prologue.


Anonymous said...

You're so lucky about Elizabeth. Coop is WAY behind the times, and is a very stubborn boy. I've heard that boys are slower potty training, but I'm tired of changing diapers on two kids. He'll be 3 in a week. ENOUGH! Immediately thereafter we're starting on Kellar. I don't care that she's only 16 months old!

Anonymous said...

Sweet!! Thanks for looking that up for me, I should be able to catch the Tuesday at 2300 showing. I get off of school at 2200 and it takes me about 20 mins to get home. So, perfect!

As for the stories, I downloaded them, I will review them here in a little bit.


P.S.: Congratz on the your potty progress! I have an 8yr old boy, and when I was potty training him it was a mess... errrrr, still is, too. He is prone to holding until the point he's ready to burst, the nhe runs to the bathroom and, well, let's say sometimes he has to do a little cleaning of the floor and whatnot. Kids!!!